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Current News ... Total raised so far in the school year 2016 to 2017

£5699.29 (click for details)

Welcome back for another fun packed PTA school year. After an amazing year were we raised over £10,000, we look to continue this level of success ... but as ever, we will need your help!!

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March Events...Family Bingo Night & Easter Disco

Family Bingo Night - Look out for our first ever Family Bingo night. This will be held on Friday 10th March and is a fun night for all the family. Fun bingo is at the centre of this evening but there will be other games and the usual snacks for all to enjoy.

Easter Disco - The Easter Disco is set for Friday 24th March. Tickets will be made available via a school bag drop nearer the time

PTA meeting continue to be held on the first Tuesday of every month in the school staff room. Everyone is welcome to come along to just listen ... but feel free to get fully involved.

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