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Meet The Team....................

At the Parent Council we have a great team working with the school to help make it better for pupils and staff alike

New members are always welcome-contact any of us below for more details-

Hazel Beattie-Chairperson

Hazel has two daughters in St Margaret’s, one in P3 and the other in P6. As chair of the parent council Hazel is always happy to hear from parents with any issues or suggestions regarding the school and it’s community. She is dedicated to making St Margaret’s a safe and nurturing environment for its pupils and ensuring that parents have a voice regarding their child’s education.

Kay Grey-Secretary

Email -

Jude Ainsley-Parent Council Member

Email -

Jude has 2 boys at St Margaret’s . As well as being a member of the parent council, Jude is a member of Falkirk Council’s parent focus group and a parent representative on Falkirk Council’s Education Committee. She would be pleased to hear from you not only about the school, but about any wider ideas or issues you might have about education in Falkirk.

Sian Balfour- Vice Chair

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Sian has had many long hours bringing the M.U.G.A. to life which will is a worthy addition to the schools sports area. Sian is also an active member of the Graeme High School Parent Council

Dianne Dagger-Parent Council Member

Yvonne Stuart-Parent CouncilMember

Susanne Mcneil-Parent Council Member

Nicola Jenkins-Parent Council Member

Claire Lawson-Parent Council Member

Andrena Massie-Parent Council Member