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The Role of the Parent Council

The Voice -St Margarets Parent Council

Our Role With The School

Following changes to legislation Parent Councils replaced School Boards from August 2007.St Margarets Parent Council was created from a working party set up to consider the changes and develope the new constitution.Children and Parents were consulted on a name for the new Parent Council and so the "The Voice" of St Margarets Primary School became heard!

All parents with children at the school are automatically members of the Parents Forum and its the Parent Councils role to represent as widely as possible the views of this forum.This is done by liasing with the headteacher,teaching staff ,pupils and where neccessary other members of the community while also providing opportunities for parents to express their views.

The Parent Council as a statutory body has the right to information and advice on matters which affect childrens education.The school and the education authority must consult with the Parent Council and take their views into account whenever major decisions are being taken.

Although separate from the Parent Council,St Margarets Primary School also has a very active Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.) which organises and carries out highly successful fundraising on behalf of the school.The Parent Council maintains close links with the P.T.A.

A copy of the Parent Councils constitution is available from the school