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Building Strong Partnerships Between Staff, Pupils,

Parents/Carers and the Wider School Community

Vision, Values and Ethos in St. Margaret’s Primary School

and Early Learning and Childcare Campus

We are striving to build a community which reflects a happy, secure and caring environment where all stakeholders: Staff, Pupils, Parents/Carers and the Wider School Community are Valued, Motivated and Encouraged to be the Best They Can Be …We

strive to ensure this ideal.

18th September 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

As many of you will be aware all schools in Scotland have received Pupil Equity Funding (PEF) to support the Scottish Government’s target of closing the poverty related attainment gap. Here at St Margaret’s Primary School and Early Learning and Childcare Campus we are using this funding to develop the resilience and creative skills of our pupils. This is in conjunction with the Interdisciplinary Learning and skills focus which was developed as part of the School Improvement Plan in session 2016/17.

Our Primary One pupils have begun a series of sessions with Jane Jackson which focuses on building these skills through the outdoor environment. This builds on the skills which children developed during their time in the nursery. The Primary Seven pupils have taken part in a sculpture workshop during a recent visit to the Glasgow Modern Art Gallery and will also visit the gallery at Callendar House which currently houses a photography exhibition. The children thoroughly enjoyed their experience at the Glasgow Modern Art Gallery and will continue to build on their skills during projects within class.

We are delighted to welcome artist and photographer Lisa Fleming to the school this session. Lisa has a wealth of experience working with children and young people and will be a valuable resource to support our children’s creative learning. Lisa will be working in school every Wednesday afternoon and all day on a Thursday from the 27th September 2017 until the 10th of May 2018. She will be working with our Primary Two to Primary Six pupils on a series of creative projects developed in partnership with teachers and pupils. Lisa will be working with classes for eight week blocks, the first block will begin on Wednesday 27th September 2017, the second beginning on Wednesday 6th December 2017 and the final block will begin on Wednesday 28th February 2018. To accommodate all pupils each class will work with Lisa for two eight week blocks, therefore, please be aware your child will not work with Lisa every week all year. At the end of your child’s block you will be invited in to view the work which your child’s class have been working on which will be communicated via your child’s teacher in due course as a Learning Event. Lisa’s working dog Bob - a non-shedding shih tzu cross west highland terrier -accompanies her on her art projects, he is two years old and has been working in schools and community centres since he was four months old.

I hope you will agree that this is a very exciting initiative and we can’t wait to see the results!


Many thanks,


Ann Bateman                                         Claire Harris

Headteacher                                         PEF Coordinator



“Creativity skills make us more resilient and able to thrive in a changing world by being adaptable, flexible and inventive.”

Education Scotland