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Class Fundraising Christmas Cards and Gifts

Class Fundraising Christmas Cards and Gifts

As in previous years the school and PTA are working together to create Christmas cards, Mugs, Tea Towels, Gift Tags and Eco Bags featuring your child’s own Christmas Design which you have the opportunity to buy.  All we ask is that your child returns the completed template by Monday 24th September, along with their learning log; you will have the chance to order these items in October when you receive a sample design of your card. These will be delivered in November during Parent Consultations.

Key things to remember –

1. Always draw within the template. Anything outside of the template line will be automatically cropped.  The design needs to be drawn portrait on the paper and not landscape. 

2. Make sure that any text is clear of the template border. Sometimes we receive a really nice design, but the text runs on to the template line.

3. No Glitter, metallic paper or 3D objects! Although the template will look really impressive and shiny, when it is scanned the final result can be quite disappointing.

4. For best results we suggest using coloured pencils or felt tips, but you can also use paints, crayons or make collages - although recommend that if you are gluing make sure that the items are not too big (e.g. no pompoms or googly eyes) and are stuck on firmly and won’t fall off.

5. Have loads of FUN! If your child makes a mistake or wants to try out different pictures designs, then go the PTA section of the school website ( where we have section for Christmas cards and you can download multiple copies of the template.  There are also some ideas, particularly for younger children which they might like to try out.

6. Write the name clearly on the template to avoid confusion when the artwork is delivered back to school.

File icon: pdf 1. Blank Christmas Card Template [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf 2. christmas-card-ideas-for-nurseries-and-playgroups [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf 3. christmas-cards-template-bell [pdf 2MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf 4. christmas-cards-template-ruldolph [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf 5. christmas-cards-template-tree [pdf 2MB] Click to download